About Us


Our Chamber

The Canada Colombia Chamber of Investment and Trade (CCCIT) formerly known Canada Colombia Chamber of Commerce (CCCC), is an independent, non-governmental business association headquartered in Toronto with a leading role of connecting players from private and government sectors to strengthen bilateral trade and investments between Canada and Colombia. The CCCIT maintains close ties with the appropriate government departments and trade agencies both in Canada and Colombia. 

Our Members

We represent Canadian and non Canadian businesses, including directors of small and medium-sized companies and multinational corporations, government officials, business professionals and high-tech entrepreneurs in order to encourage trade, innovation and investment.

Our Purpose and Pledge

To foster relations between the Canadian and Colombian business communities. We promote the interests of our members, facilitate trade for,and between members, and support dialogue with industry and government organizations. We also support social progress through programs aimed at enabling individuals. We do this by developing and enhancing contacts, and making their voices heard through our events.